Insurance Backed Product Warranty

Change The Reimbursement Value.
EcoLite’s Insured Product Warranty provides a flat rate reimbursement for the labor, parts or both, for every repair or replacement of the LED lighting during the term. And, the reimbursement amount is preset for each individual LED fixture, to cover every eligible incident. 

All Repair and Replacement Costs Are Covered.
Eligible labor claims include in-house and third-party charges and equipment rental costs. Eligible product and parts claims include freight. Reimbursement amounts should be chosen to cover all eligible costs, as that is each incident’s only remedy (unless Insured Guaranteed Savings is purchased). 

Administered by a Warranty Provider.
All contractual liability lies with a third party professional Warranty Provider. Their nationwide success lies in establishing a collaborative relationship with clients and offering proactive solutions.

No More Need for a Factory Warranty.
The Insured Product Warranty eliminates the need for a factory warranty, and the factory’s approval for any repair or replacement. Coverage begins one month after completion of the installation of the LED lighting, and can be purchased up to six months after installation.  

Conditions for Validity.
Any claim requires i) EcoLite is immediately informed of any incident, ii) the LED fixture has not been altered or modified in any way, iii) the LED fixture was installed by a qualified electrician and iv) the LED fixture was used in accordance with the instructions provided.

EcoLite Administers All Claims.
EcoLite shall verify and file claims with, and collect reimbursements from the Insurance provider, authorize RMAs for LED lighting and work orders for labor charges, as well as determine, on a case by case basis, per incident, whether repair or replacement is the best course of action. 

This Product and Labor Warranty is Insured.
This Insured Product Warranty is backed by an insurance policy underwritten by a global underwriter. In addition, all LED lighting may also have EcoLite’s Insured Guaranteed Savings, to cover the entire labor expense of any repair or replacement of the LED lighting.