Polaris High Power Flood Fixture 150 lm/W


The Polaris fixture housing has been engineered with high performance & aesthetics in mind for any sports or high mast application. This is an exceptionally good lighting fixture upgrade for Roadways, Parking Lots, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, and Airport Aprons. The patented anti-glare optics and an extremely high CRI of 90-95 provides optimum color & clarity perfect for all sports and for television production events. The specialty optics also help reduce ”white out” affect when used in ice arenas and also night skiing operations. These fixtures come with multiple mounting brackets that makes installation easy in any type of application. The Polaris fixture uses the high performance Meanwell HLG Series Driver along with the reliable Philips 3030 & 5050 Chip Sets, and have been tested to operate flawlessly for more than 10 years or 100,000 hours.

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