Meteor High Bay Luminaire Fixture


The Meteor High Bay Luminaire fixture has been designed specifically for warehousing & manufacturing applications, with ceiling heights between 20-60 feet. These high performance private mold linear fixtures provide up to 150 LM/W efficiencies with an IP66 rating. These fixtures can be boom mounted, surface mounted, & connected end to end, which provides for simple and flexible installation options. The Meteor fixture can be controlled in several different ways, including Zigbee, Dali, and Danetree remote controllers or DMX512 System. Daylight sensor dimming controls, occupancy sensors, and 3 in 1 dimming controls available (0-10v, PWM, and resistance). The Meteor fixtures also have a high quality aluminum housing, gasketed polycarbonate lens optics, & patented premium driver. These fixtures have been built to last for a lifetime and the Driver & Chip set have been tested to last more than 10 years or 50,000 hours.

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