Lunar 4 Module High Bay Plus


Designed to be the world’s first high output all in one Low Bay/High Bay LED Fixture with a built in UV-C Purification module. This fixture is the perfect solution for upgrading facility lighting & sterilizing the work environment at the same time. The Lunar 4 150lm/w high output fixture has four rotatable 200 degree modules to distribute a customizable lighting output for virtually any application. The Lunar 4 Purge Virus optional 10W or 15W 200-280nm shortwave precision UVC third generation chip provides up to 99.9998% sterilization rate output & lasts 5 times longer than a traditional UV tube. The intelligent built in detection controls protects the workforce from any harmful UV-C radiation exposure. The Lunar 4 is designed to be surface mount or stem mounted in processing plants, manufacture assembly line facilities, sports arenas, schools, & any facility where large numbers of people assemble daily.

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