Lunar 4 Mobile Purge Virus Fixture


The Lunar 4 Mobile unit has been specifically designed to provide the highest UV-C Sterilization fixture available in the world. This unit provides up to 200 Watts of precision engineered 270-280nm shortwave UV-C radiation, destroying the DNA of pathogens, bacterial replication, and complete eradication. Initially designed to be used in hospitals, these mobile units also work in office areas, restaurants, dental offices, and any other closed space areas where social distancing practices are difficult to achieve. The unit comes assembled in a custom compact design that is durable and easy to set up, including a 12ft adjustable telescoping pole, and 360 degree intelligent built in detection controls to protect the workforce from any harmful UV-C radiation exposure. The 200W high output Lunar 4 Purge Virus with 200-280nm shortwave precision UVC third generation chip provides up an effective 99.9998% sterilization rate output for areas up to 1500 cubic feet for 120 minutes. The unique heat dissipation design insures that this unit will provide maintenance free operation for 5 years of 50,000 hours of use.

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