Hyper Cool Extreme Temp High Bay


The Hyper Cool Extreme Temp name says it all. This fixture has the most advanced heat dissipation design in the world. Designed for Manufacturing Facilities, Foundrys, Steel Mills, & other applications that have temps in excess of 150°F or more, these pendant mounted Hyper Cool fixtures utilize the highest quality 7th generation Meanwell Drivers that operate with an average temp of 176°F, and specially binned “Super Chips” that can withstand temps in excess of 200°F. The aluminum die cast housing provides the highest level of heat dissipation available from a traditional pendant high bay fixture. With several different patented hi temp poly carbonate covers, lenses, and reflectors, these fixtures provide exceptional lighting intensity at heights up to 100 feet. These fixtures are designed and warranted to operate with zero maintenance for 10 years or 50,000 hours.

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