Halo Sanitation Fixture


The Halo fixture with its patented sleek design, is the most innovative sanitation certified light ever designed for food processing, Clean rooms, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, winery & supermarket applications. This fixture incorporates a very simple & seamless design that meets or exceeds all NSF & USDA sanitation & dust-free standards. The Halo fixture provides a nearly self-cleaning exterior housing, no glass, no exposed screws, along with an industry leading IP69 waterproof design. The entire housing is constructed of non-toxic food grade materials, and is high pressure water resistant & Steam resistant. With its high- performance Meanwell Driver & Lumiled Chip Set, this fixture provides efficiencies up to 160LM/W, which allows for a much lower wattage to be used as a replacement for the existing fixtures currently being utilized. Expect a lifespan of more than 10 years or 100,000 hours of flawless operation.

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