Zero Cost

Enjoy Savings From Day One

What is Shared Savings Funding?
EcoLite ‘shares’ a portion of the energy and maintenance cost savings projected from the LED lighting, as full payment for the complete LED retrofit project. Typically, the fixed monthly payment is 75% of the savings, for 5 years - and the savings are insured and guaranteed.

No Capital Expenditure, No Debt.
The LED lighting is paid for from a portion of the savings it generates - with no money paid up‐front, no debt and no capital expenditure. Instead, an operating lease is created, with a $1 buyback, that is treated as off-balance sheet financing, with no effect on any existing bank or debt covenants. 

Enjoy Savings From Day One.
During the term of the Shared Savings Funding, the customer retains a portion of the savings generated from the LED Lighting, typically 25% - thereafter 100% of the savings are entirely for the customer to keep. This translates to a reduction of lighting costs from day one. 

Investment Grade Savings and Benefits Audit.
EcoLite prepares a detailed, investment grade Savings and Benefits Analysis, based on the specified LED lighting and assumptions of rates, usage and costs provided by the customer. The calculated LED lighting savings are used to determine Shared Savings Percentage.

Rebates and Tax Incentives.
Any utility rebates or tax incentives are paid directly to the customer. This creates additional cash flow from the project.

Guarantee the Savings From LED Lighting.
EcoLite guarantees the energy and maintenance cost savings to ensure sufficient savings to fund the LED project over the term and to provide immediate cash flow through the savings you retain from day one. This guarantee is backed by an insurance policy from a global underwriter.

Everything is Included.
EcoLite’s Shared Savings Funding includes any and all costs related to the LED lighting project, including LED fixtures, brackets, controls, electrical contracting, equipment rentals, eco disposal, professional costs, EcoLite’s Insured Guaranteed Savings and Product Warranty.