Why Choose EcoLite

Our novel approach is to partner with and for our customers.

Our manufacturer partners rely on EcoLite's collaboration with its customers, proactive inventorship, and total 'hands-on' approach - exclusively entrusting the North American market to EcoLite for the design, development and distribution of all of their products in most cases.

Our customers benefit from EcoLite's consultative selling and proactive 'partnership' approach; 85-year history of project-based lighting engineering; leading-edge LED technology - and appreciate the uniqueness of every 'EcoLite' product.

By concentrating on 'best in class' LED technology and design, backed by a commitment to R&D and Quality Control - EcoLite helps reduce energy costs and minimize landfill with fewer lamp replacements and - all without any sacrifice to the actual light.


• EcoLite partners with LED technology leaders to provide leading-edge technology that is viable, practical and effective.

EcoLite surpasses Energy Star’s efficiency standards AND CBCP (Center Beam Intensity) to claim LED equivalence to Halogen.

EcoLite maximizes the light inside the beam angle (CBCP) not the total light (lumens), since that includes all stray light (glare).

EcoLite’s unique optics either minimizes or eliminates sideways glare - for ‘eye friendly’, headache free light.

EcoLite is the exclusive distributor for several of the largest & most reputable lighting manufacturers in China, with one of our primary partners producing China’s first light bulb 85 years ago.

EcoLite provides a ‘Direct to Factory’ connection, coupled with a consultative sales and proactive service approach.

EcoLite offers a long life guarantee, backed by a company with substantial assets, longevity and commitment.

• EcoLite tests every LED batch and every LED product produced to ensure each product can be relied on every day, for years.


EcoLite provides 'Best in Class' LED lighting by combining North American R&D and ingenuity with the world-class production from its exclusive partners.

EcoLite strives to stand out and apart by consistently offering the best quality LED light available at factory direct prices - to leapfrog and outshine any otherwise comparable product.

• Exceptional R&D - Our R&D team's knowledge is based on a vast experience in both the commercial, industrial, and military area, including LED, solar solutions, thermal management and CMH lamps - each a cornerstone of 'green' - EcoLite's backbone for success.

• We design and manufacture - Our North American team develops and innovates every LED light we sell, in tandem with our exclusive LED manufacturing partners here in the U.S. and in Asia.

• Certified Energy Professionals on staff-The EcoLite staff has more than 20 years of combined energy management experience, along with extensive professional certifications to ensure the absolute most comprehensive and cost-effective solution is suggested. These certifications include CEA-Certified Energy Management, CEM-Certified Energy Management, & CEP-Certified Energy Procurement Professional credentials.