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EcoLite strives to stand out and apart by consistently offering the best quality LED light available - to leapfrog and outshine any otherwise comparable product - to offer environmentally friendly LED replacements of traditional light bulbs and fixtures - with equivalent or superior light color, color accuracy, and brightness.


Exceptional R&D

EcoLite's R&D expertise is based on a vast experience in all three mission-critical aspects of LED lighting required for a lamp to shine bright, efficiently and effectively - namely lens optics, drivers, electronics and thermal management.

We're Designers and Manufacturers

EcoLite's North American team develops and innovates every LED light together with its exclusive LED manufacturing partners in the U.S. and Asia - One of them being one of the largest Asian LED lighting factories - who produced China's first light bulb 85 years ago.

A 'Real' Light Manufacturer

EcoLite has partnered, on an exclusive basis, with one of the largest lighting producers in China - who manufactured the very first light bulb in China 85 years ago. Their LED facility is Quality Control-centric, and has already lit the Great Wall, Beijing Olympics, and the Shanghai Expo with LEDs.

Industry Leading Technology

EcoLite manufactures the most efficient and cost-effective products

Incomparable Warranty

Worry-free lighting with our 10-year Product Warranty

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Enjoy zero-cost financing so you can be energy and cost efficient upon installation.